Wednesday, November 27, 2013

LCM and GCF Resources

Resources for LCM and GCF
CCSS 4.OA.4 and 6.NS.4 

1) Interactive websites for LCM and GCF practice. You can choose the numbers you want. Students can drag the number to the Venn diagram and it will turn green or red. (GCF) (LCM)

2)  Stop by my TPT store and check out my LCM and GCF Cards
These cards are numbered so they can also be used for task cards.  The answers are included so you may copy them on the back and make flash cards.

3) Stop by my TPT store and get this free cheat sheet for LCM and GCF

4) Worksheets for LCM and GCF

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  1. Simone!!!!!
    Those two math resources are awesome! I am going to use them on Monday!

    Happy Thanksgiving BlogFriend!
    I'm off to look at some stuff at your store...

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