Friday, October 10, 2014

Make Bingo Games Last Longer With Fun Patterns

I created math bingo games to play with my students. They just love it. Sometimes depending on the topic, there may be too many winners in a short period of time. You want students to feel like they have a chance to win so they are motivated to play, but you don't want to stop after every question because another student won.

I have come up with 16 different ways to play bingo that makes it take longer to win. This way I only play one round of bingo and get to use up most of my questions. Depending on the age of your students, you may need to print out a copy of the patterns to leave on their desk.

Students love to pick the pattern. They sometimes ask to play cover all, but since my games have every answer on the board, that would make everyone win.

If you have another fun pattern please leave a comment.

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