Thursday, November 12, 2015

Multiply and Divide Fractions Scavenger Hunt
Multiply and Divide Fractions Scavenger Hunt is a new product and will be on sale for a limited time.

This is now part of the scavenger hunt bundle, so if you already own the bundle, download it again to get the newest hunt for free.

This activity gets students out of their seats. It is highly motivating.

Students love this activity because they
--get to move around.
--work at their own pace.
--think it’s a game.
--get immediate feedback.

Teachers love this activity because it
--is easy to set up.
--keeps students engaged.
--is self checking.
--works well with a large or a small group.

Students can complete this in pairs, small groups, or individually. Each student starts at a different card. The answer to the question inside the card is on the front of another card. Students work at their own pace. Each card also has a letter. At the end, they unscramble the letters to spell a mystery word.

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