Saturday, March 16, 2013

Exponents Scavenger Hunt

This activity gets students out of their seats. Students get to work at their own pace and think it's a game. They are highly motivated to complete a question since they can self-check and get immediate feedback.

Students will complete a problem and then look for the answer on top of a different card. Students can complete this in pairs, small groups, or individually. Can be used whole group or in a center. If you laminate the cards, they will stand up like tents on the desks.

Students love this activity because they
--get to move around.
--work at their own pace.
--think it’s a game.
--get immediate feedback.

Teachers love this activity because it
--is easy to set up.
--keeps students engaged.
--is self checking.
--works well with a large or a small group.

Correlated to Go Math 6th Grade
-- Middle School Version: Lesson 9.1
-- K-6 Version: lesson 7.1

Common Core Standards
6.EE.1 Write and evaluate numerical expressions involving whole-number exponents

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--Scavenger Hunt Bundle.

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